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ast0r/beek / Chris del Camino
Disasterpeace / Rich Vreeland
Sergeeo / Sergio de Prado
Shnabubula / Samuel Ascher-Weiss
Virt / Jake Kaufman

Original songs by Miles Davis. Published by Songs of Universal OBO Jazz Horn Music Corp.

What is this?

Kind of Bloop is a chiptune tribute to Miles Davis' Kind of Blue, a track-by-track 8-bit reinterpretation of the bestselling jazz album of all time.

Launched as a Kickstarter project in April 2009, only two weeks after Kickstarter itself opened its doors, the album's production was funded by 419 backers around the world.

Kind of Bloop was released on August 17, 2009, on the 50th anniversary of Kind of Blue.

The album is perhaps best known for the out-of-court settlement involving its cover artwork, which led to a huge public outcry, press attention, and its ongoing citation in scholarly journals.

To celebrate Kind of Blue's 60th birthday, and the 10 year anniversary of Kind of Bloop's release, Kind of Bloop is now free to download and listen for the first time. If you like it, feel free to spread the word.

Who's responsible for this blasphemy?

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